About Shokomonk

Our Quality

We only use RAW Nacional cacao beans from Ecuador and REAL vanilla beans from Madagascar. The roasting, conching, grinding and casting processes of our chocolate are completely done in house, for a true bean-to-bar experience.

  • The only lipid we use in our products is our own cacao butter, so no hydrogenated oils, concentrated butter or other unnecessary nasties. This ensures the wholesomeness of the product as well as the purity of the taste.
  • Our lecithin cold pressed, guaranteed chemical free and is made only from GMO FREE and organic (Bio-certified) soy beans.
  • All of the fruit and nuts in our bars are real and processed in-house in order to ensure that every flavor can be distinguished in our bars.
  • We have received numerous German awards for a product that is both wholesome and delicious. For example the DLG is a German Organization that is responsible for ensuring the quality of natural products that are sold in Germany. Of the 20.000 products that are tested, several shokomonk flavors have been awarded with gold medals, and the number is rising.
  • We have 30 flavors that include our staples as well as constantly changing seasonal and specialty bars. All of our flavors are approved by large sample groups.

Our Process

After the delivery of the fermented cocoa beans to Germany some steps of processing are necessary to produce a fine shokomonk bar.


Roasting is one of the most important steps of cocoa processing. The process causes more than 400 flavours to develop their full potential. The beans are roasted for 15 to 60 minutes at temperatures of 100 to 140 centigrade ? depending on the beans and the requirements of the roast master. Roasting also reduces the moisture of the beans and improves their peelability.


The roasted beans are crushed in a roller grinder. The lighter peels are blown or sucked away from the crushed cocoa by an airstream, leaving behind the much famed Cacaonibs.


The rotating rollers and heat of the grinder destroys the cellular tissue of the nibs even further, thus releasing the cacao butter.Fine grinding.The cocoa pieces have to be really small so that the chocolate later does not leave a sandy feeling in the mouth. They have to be grinded to a size of less than 0,003 millimetres. The pieces are pressed through smaller and smaller spaces between two rollers until a fine and soft chocolate powder is achieved.


The chocolate powder is heated up to 90 degree during the conching and is constantly stirred. The goal of the conching is to get a smooth fluid base that is crucial for good chocolate. In the process of conching the cocoa butter parts from the cocoa pieces and surrounds them. The heat and the constant contact to oxygen reduce the moisture level of the chocolate. In the end, only about 1% of moisture is left. Conching also removes many of the unwanted flavors.

In the past it took 72 to 90 hours of conching to get a satisfactory result. Today?s conches only need a maximum 48 hours to achieve best results. Large scale chocolate producers often conch for only 14 hours at the most and use additives to get the chocolate smooth, this method ensures chocolate is delicate, but the flavor and wholesome nature of the chocolate suffers. While if a manufacturer today still talks of a conching times of 72 hours or more, they either have old-fashioned machines or wants to stress the time as an advertising strategy.


After the conching the chocolate is almost ready to be cast in its final form. It cools down from 50 to 30-35 degree. Then it can be cast in to our unique shape or used as chocolate coating.

Our Products

Chocolate Bars

The shokomonk is a solid chocolate bar made of only the best chocolate and delicious ingredients. The cocoa is imported directly from the origin. In Germany the beans are roasted, processed and conched until the flavors are fully developed. The full-bodied chocolate taste is perfected by Bourbon Vanilla and pure cocoa butter.


The dragees consist of a delicious nut, fruit or bean core wrapped in fine chocolate. Nothing else. One dragee, one bite, one treat. The shokomonk dragees are dried delicacies, freshly gathered from Mother Nature?s lap and encased in the finest chocolate possible.

Chocolate Powder

A powder made of the best ingredients, just like a shokomonk chocolate bar. The chocolate comes in a sealed tin can and has a really strong chocolaty taste. It dissolves easily and does not have to be stirred with an agitator. It is a convenient delicacy of high quality as it is typical for shokomonk. Good news for all non-milk drinking gastronomes: shokomonk drinking chocolate can be dissolved in hot water as well as in hot milk. So you can even use it in your super automatic coffee machine.

The Importers

We are three friends who met at the University of San Francisco in the late 1990s. Ali is a German expert of marketing and classical advertising. Ryan, aka Ryno is an American system administrator and all around computer guru. Alex is an Italian environmental scientist. Our commonality is a passion for natural food products of the highest quality. Our travels have always had a gastronomical priority.

Over the years we have established a network of our favorite brands that are known in Europe for their uncompromising quality. Be it premium chocolate, regional beers and wine, truffle products or specialty salt; all of the brands we work with are of the highest quality and only use the most natural ingredients. While visiting Europe, we realized that there is a huge amount of wholesome food products and amazing regional delicacies that were not available to the American market.

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