Big Shokomonk shout out to GRANT “TWIGGY” BAKER!

SkitchGrant Baker is the 2014 winner of the Mavericks Invitational- the single most important big wave surf competition in the world.

This man has taken on forty foot waves that would make a cruise ship shiver. We were lucky enough to meet him and Ryan Augenstein and give them some premium Shokomonk chocolate over a margarita at Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco.

Check out a video of these daredevils here.

Congratulations Felix Prangenberg!

Felix took first place the at the XGames 2013 Red Bull Phenom BMX competition! We are very impressed, check out picture nuber twelve from the link below if you want to see him airborne with no hands. Seriously, he looks like an eagle. Look for our smiling monk hidden in the pictures.