Milk Chocolate Caramel

An unbeatable two- tiered pleasure of recreation. First, the fine milk chocolate melts, then the sweet- tart golden caramel nuggets rest. An experience in which you can lean back for an extra-long time.



Milk Chocolate Caramel

Latte Macchiato

Tender melting dark chocolate with crushed bits of roasted coffee beans. Every bite is a well orchestrated flavor concert.

Dark Chocolate Orange

Juicy fruitiness paired with tart flavor. A flavorful high-jacking into the heart of California, a fresh breeze of the South and a heavy dark chocolate. A sunrise on the tongue after a hard night.

Dark Chocolate Peppermint

A classic among the dark chocolates. A dark cocoa note with light freshness on the tongue is given by spicy tart chocolate mixed with candied peppermint leaf pieces.

Waffle Crunch Milk Chocolate

Step aside self proclaimed crunch bars! This is no ordinary crunch bar, filled with finely baked wafers, broken into large chunks. No popped rice, no cheap crunch substitutes.

Tiramisu White Chocolate

The literal translation of tiramisu is: “Pick-me-up!“ White chocolate, lady fingers ,almond and a hint of coffee make this bar a favorite.

Licorce White Chocolate

Out of Stock! Available on special order min lead time 6 weeks.

Contact us for minimum quantities.

Friends of the coast be aware, because here comes something that you still can taste when a stiff breeze has blown your taste buds away. Pressed freshly from the root, this licorce spreads a whole lot of taste impressions.

Poppyseed White Chocolate

The tender melting chocolate is a strong contrast to the nutty, slightly bitter tasting poppy seeds which produce a harmonic taste with every bite. The bar tastes as it looks – delicious.